PTSD Following Car Accidents 

PTSD Followin Car Accidents

The community of Schaumburg, IL was devastated Monday afternoon as the news of a car crash was reported. Paramedics, police officers, and firefighters responded to the accident around 1:14 pm Monday, July 19. The impact took place at Woodfield Road and Schaumburg’s West Frontage Road of Route 53. Sadly, one of the drivers in the collision was pronounced dead on the scene, and the other driver was reported as having critical injuries. Thankfully, no other passengers were involved in the accident. The vehicles were severely damaged, one of which was hit in the front, and the other on the driver’s side, specifically their car door. The car accident victim who sustained critical injuries was transported to a local hospital by police escort.


The surviving victim of the car accident sustained many injuries both physical, and emotional. When someone is labeled as critical at the scene of an accident, that typically indicates life-threatening injuries that could have serious complications. If he or she survives their injuries, they may have surgeries, physical therapy, and a long road to recovering physically. There is also the mental and emotional health of the surviving car accident victim to be considered. Many who have experienced car accidents report having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following their collision. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD can be defined as a psychiatric disorder that occurs in those who have witnessed or personally experienced trauma, such as an event, abuse, war, accident, death, or other gruesome situation. Those with PTSD respond to their trauma by physically, emotionally, or mentally reliving their trauma through flashbacks, nightmares, depression, fear, or anger. There is estimated to be one in eleven people is diagnosed with PTSD sometime in their lifetime.


Thankfully, there can be a relief for those suffering from PTSD through therapy. With the help of an experienced therapists, such as those at Lotus Wellness Center. Surviving victims of car accidents have a safe and confidential place, and a person to talk about what happened to them during the accident, and what they have experienced following the accident. A wise therapist’s goal is to allow their client to comfortably share what he or she is feeling. Working through trauma can be difficult for clients, but a therapist will empower their clients to work through their trauma in their own way, and on their own timeline. The road to physical, emotional, and mental health can be challenging for some clients but is incredibly life-changing and beneficial for the client, as well as their loved ones. There are varying methods of therapy that are helpful in dealing with trauma. Common approaches include cognitive behavior therapy, behavior therapy, and pharmacotherapy. As always, therapists and clients should work together to come up with the best treatment plan suited for the client. Each client has their own unique experience with trauma and will need a specific and targeted therapy approach. Don’t try to overcome trauma alone, but let a trusted Schaumburg counselor assist you on your journey toward healing.