Problems Couples May Face

The staff at Palatine, IL counseling office of Lotus Wellness Center knows that being in a relationship can be one of the most difficult but rewarding things in life. In a reciprocal, two-way, caring relationship, you might truly enjoy spending time with each other and have open communication if an issue comes up. This does not happen in all relationships, however. Even in healthy relationships, maintaining strong communication can be a challenge. Expressing oneself effectively, especially during emotional conflicts, does not always come easily. Often, thoughts and feelings go unsaid and it can be hard to voice what either of you would like in the relationship. When left unacknowledged, communication issues can quickly derail a relationship, causing each partner to feel as if they are not being heard or understood. Marital problems can quickly increase your stress level.

If you and your partner have been at odds, it may make sense to seek the help of a professional. The Lotus Wellness Center may be able to help you and your partner share your troubles and find common ground through Palatine, Illinois counseling. When you and your partner are struggling to communicate productively, a professional may be able to provide insight on strategies you can use. It is common for two people in a relationship to go through rough periods, getting the help that you need early on will give you a greater chance of being able to repair the issues coming up in your relationship.

Working at a relationship can take time and care, and when you seek IL counseling in Palatine you know you are getting the care you need at the Lotus Wellness Center. Our team of trained and skilled professionals want to provide you the services so you can improve your mental health and maintain stronger relationships. Everyone has challenges that they face in their life. Whatever obstacle you are confronted with, we will not judge you for your choices and experiences. We can help you and your significant other build a sturdy foundation for your relationship to last. If you would like to set up your appointment with us today, call our office now.

Problems Couples May Face

Couples seeking counseling should turn to the experienced and compassionate therapists at our clinic. Our therapists are skilled and certified in providing you and your partner with a range of therapeutic services. There are many misconceptions about therapy, so we are here to help you better understand its many benefits. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to therapy, and a treatment plan is structured differently according to the client’s needs. Schedule an appointment with us so we can sit down with you and learn more about your needs so we can go over the services that would be best for you.

It’s not uncommon for couples to struggle with issues in their relationship. Bumps in a relationship are natural, as there is no perfect relationship. However, when issues are recurring or if they begin to affect the foundation of your relationship, As a result, couples can experience a number of consequences as a result of relationship problems:

Insecurity Within the Relationship
Feeling Disconnected from One Another
Reduced Levels of Affection
Issues with Trust

If you and your partner are struggling in your relationship and unsure of how to find your way back to one another, couples counseling may be the right approach to help you repair your relationship. Meeting a therapist who is an unbiased third party can help you understand the issues each of you are facing and come up with productive methods to solve them. They will ask you tough questions so you can critically think about what kind of changes you want to see. Going to couples counseling does not mean that there is anything wrong with you or that you have failed each other. Every couple faces hardships and couples counseling is just one effective solution that may yield positive results for you. There can be a vast range of benefits for couples who choose Illinois counseling in Palatine, including:

Reason #1 – Face Infidelities

If one person in the relationship has been unfaithful, it can take a significant period of time for couples to heal from the damage that has likely occurred as a result. Cheating on a partner is one of the most common ways that a relationship is damaged. However, it is possible to repair a relationship after infidelity has occurred. Trust will not be restored in a few weeks, or even months. It will require commitment and patience. You will both be experiencing a wide range of emotions from: guilt, fear, anger, and jealousy. In couples counseling sessions these emotions will need to be addressed. During sessions, you can have a safe space to discuss the affair, the violation of trust and slowly begin rebuilding trust between one another.

Reason #2 – To Discuss Finances

Money is a common thing that couples are frequently in disagreement over. One partner may have their preferred way of keeping track of finances, while their partner may have a vastly different approach. Sometimes spending habits can become a problem, which can lead to issues like gambling addictions or high credit card debt. Income disparities can also result in disagreements over finances. In some cases, finances may even be difficult for couples to discuss with one another. There may be feelings of insecurity and distrust that keep those conversations from occurring. Money is one of the biggest topics couples struggle with. Dealing with money issues early is critical for couples so it doesn’t grow into a larger problem. A couples therapist can help by breaking down financial issues. They can help couples voice their concerns, manage their expectations and seek the right solutions.

Reason #3 – Trouble Making Decisions

Are relationships often resulting in arguments? Are you finding that key decisions and issues are left unresolved. The longer a couple has been together, the more they may find this challenging. Once you have committed to your partner, you will soon have to make major decisions that will have a major impact on both you and your families’ lives. Having decisions that are not resolved can result in lingering questions and uncertainty about how you and your partner will move forward. Your future will seem like it’s up in the air. While this may not appear catastrophic at first, over time it may begin to weigh on you. Coming together on these key issues is essential, especially for those as significant as these:

Whether to Marry
Whether to Have Children
Managing Family Members
Reason #4 – Communication

Talking about communication during Illinois counseling at Lotus Wellness Center is key for any healthy relationship. Unfortunately, poor communication is a primary reason many couples end their relationships. If you and your partner are not communicating, you are unable to:

Get the support you need
Make decisions
Build connection
Resolve disagreements

This can cause issues within the relationship to worsen. Working with a couples therapist is key to helping you and your partner learn healthy ways of communicating.

Reason #5 – You Have Chosen to End the Relationship

If you and your partner have made the difficult decision to part ways, you may consider talking to a couples counselor to help manage the division of your lives. Whether you choose to do this individually with a therapist or in partnership with your soon to be ex, the road ahead will require you both are able to make a number of significant decisions over the future, especially if you shared assets and had children together.