FAQ: Treatment for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

FAQ: Treatment for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

As with any mental health condition, an Arlington Heights, IL anxiety therapist can share that it can sometimes be difficult to identify why you may be feeling the way you are. Anxiety can feel overwhelming; for some, it can take over a person\’s life. While it’s possible to manage anxiety independently of professional help, sometimes guidance from a professional is imperative to the recovery process.

People who experience anxiety often have overwhelming feelings of dread. Sometimes, these feelings can cause a person to be fearful; at times, these feelings may be completely illogical. For someone suffering from anxiety, these feelings can seem incredible. Seeking treatment can offer those living with anxiety tremendous relief. Understanding and learning more about the condition can help those with anxiety disorders begin to learn new strategies for coping with their symptoms.

The Lotus Wellness Center has provided the answers to the many questions you may have about managing anxiety and panic attacks.

What is the difference between anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder?

Not all anxiety is the same, and several types of anxiety disorders exist. On some level, everyone feels anxious at some point in their lives. While some experience anxiety during natural stress points, others may find it to plague them, making it challenging to function normally. it’s important to know that sometimes anxiety can become more encompassing over time, especially when left unmanaged. As an anxiety therapist in Arlington Heights, IL, shares, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is when a person experiences chronic anxiety over several different aspects of their life. While some worries are over everyday situations, they can also involve anxieties over things that are not likely to cause concern.

Can anxiety be prevented?

Often anxiety results from extreme stress or past traumas, and unfortunately, there\’s no way to prevent it. However, gaining control of the disorder is possible before it overtakes a person\’s life. Early intervention is critical no matter a person\’s age. When someone begins to experience anxiety and is finding occurrences to increase, seeking support from a professional will be an essential next step. Anxiety disorders are prevalent, one of the most pervasive mental health disorders in the United States. However, it is possible to live a normal life with anxiety.

How does past trauma relate to my anxiety?

An anxiety therapist in Arlington Heights, IL, can share that past trauma in a person\’s life is directly tied to anxiety disorders. When a person experiences a traumatic event, chemicals in the brain are released that promote a fight, flight, or freeze response. When traumatic situations happen repeatedly, it can impact a person\’s ability to respond normally in cases with no danger. Essentially, a traumatized person may constantly fear something terrible will happen. This can cause a person to live their life feeling perpetually anxious, fearing something terrible will happen to them.

it’s important to note that living with anxiety if left untreated, can worsen over time, causing a person to withdraw from everyday life. As a result, they may suffer from depression, panic attacks, and health issues, to name a few. Anxiety can alter a person\’s life, but with help from Lotus Wellness Center, it’s possible to learn how to manage the condition and live a more fulfilled life.