Ways to Keep The Health of Your Knees Strong

Knees are the largest joint in the body, and are unique in that their motion is quite complex. The knee has three different compartments, and if any sustain injury or wear and tear, it can lead to serious pain. Over the course of time, our joints get used and worn, this is simply inevitable. However, there are ways to help keep your knees strong and sturdy for many years to come:

Aim for a Healthy Weight

Most of us don\’t enjoy talking about our weight, but the truth of the matter is, the knees are going to bear the weight of our body. So if our body has an excess of weight, then the knees are going to endure more pressure than it was intended to. Those with knee problems should not just immediately assume that they need to lose weight, as there are many potential causes of knee pain. it’s important to check in with your doctor first to see if this would be a healthy option for you.

Stay Moving!

Getting physical activity on a regular basis means maintaining your strength, range of motion, and joint function of the knee. Depending on the health of your knee now, lifestyle, and whether you have sustained injuries in the past, low-impact or high-impact exercises may be more suitable for you. Your knee doctor can discuss appropriate stretches and exercises with you to keep your knee health optimal.

Improve Your Posture

People tend to get more stooped and slouched over time. This can potentially develop into an issue because poor posture changes where the body keeps its center of gravity, potentially adding stress on the hips and knees. Whether you sit at a desk for a living or are moving frequently, body posture and lifting techniques will be of importance to maintain knee health.

As an orthopedic knee doctor, like one from Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania, would agree with, being aware of your knee health and use now can help prevent issues from developing in the future.