Should My Fiance & I Go to Therapy Before the Big Day?

Couples Counseling

Before saying the final two words that commit to forever and booking one of the modern wedding venues offers, some couples may be wondering if seeing a therapist before the big day is a good idea. Many couples want to make sure they have worked through all the their problems, so they can begin their marriage with a fresh start and a renewed bliss. Here we have covered a few reasons why attending a therapy session or two may be the best thing you’ve ever done for your current relationship, and its future.

#1 – Clean Slate
If one or both of you have divorced parents, you may be feeling apprehensive about the concept of marriage. By going to therapy it can give you more confidence and reassurance that your relationship is working just fine. If there were problems or infidelity early on in the relationship, these old wounds can be worked through with the assistance of a therapist. It is possible for resentments to linger and forgiveness to be challenging as a result.

#2 – Learning How to Fight Smart
There is the right and helpful way to fight, and then there’s the wrong and hurtful way. Especially if your arguing style leaves you both not speaking for days or weeks at a time, it may be time for a communication upgrade. A therapist can help walk you through your current argument style, and get you practicing working out disagreements with a less harmful approach.

#3 – Express Your Fears
If you are both having some fears and insecurities about getting married, having a therapist to bounce these worries with can be a helpful way to express these to your partner. The goal of a therapist is to provide an environment that feels safe to talk about potentially uncomfortable, but necessary feelings.

#4 – Conversing About a Prenup
It is possible you have not yet agreed on whether to sign a prenuptial agreement or not. This can be a sensitive topic for many couples. If the marriage date is coming up fast and you still haven’t decided, a therapist can help guide this conversation so you can arrive at a final decision together. If one partner wants a prenup, the other may interpret that as not having faith in the marriage. This may not be true, and a therapist can help the confused partner better understand the motivations behind their partner’s preference.

#5 – Know What to Expect
Therapy can be particularly beneficial for those who got engaged pretty quickly after they started dating. The opinions and judgements of others may be having you both questioning things too. Going to therapy can help uncover feelings about whether marriage truly is the right step for the both of you, or if you each deep down agree that things were rushed into. With all the opinions of family and friends, it is natural for you to start to question your own instincts. A therapist can help you both identify what is the ultimate right decision, based on how you feel underneath the layer of others criticism.