3 Eating Tips for Your Very First Triathlon

Holistic Center

Any person who has prepared for a triathlon knows just how intense the training can be. But, those who cross that finish line for the very first time can feel a rush of accomplishment at officially obtaining their goal. A trainer understands that those who are curious about entering their first triathlon, may have no idea where to start when it comes to training.

That’s where we come in! Our team of dedicated trainers have been working with people just like you, who visualize themselves striding across the finish line with immense relief. We can help you get there! Here are our top three eating tips for those who have never competed in a triathlon before:

#1 Be Mindful of Your Eating 24 Hours Prior to Event

A trainer can create a meal plan for you in the weeks or months prior to the triathlon. Then, the day before the race it is particularly important to be aware of what you are putting into your body. You do not necessarily have to eat more than normal, but just pay extra attention to what kind of food is on your plate. Those who are nervous can reduce their portion sizes a little bit, but should still include protein in all meals. Examples of good protein can be chicken, turkey, beef, beans and tempeh.

#2 Do Not Skip Out on Breakfast

Those who are new to triathlons and quite nervous the morning of, may be inclined to skip breakfast out of worry they will not keep their food down. Take the time to sit and mindfully eat your breakfast at a slow pace. Those who have a sensitive GI system, can have yogurt, kefir or something else gentle on the stomach. A trainer suggests taking in no less than 60-100 calories the morning of race day. You have to eat in order to get your blood sugar circulating again after the night of sleep.

#3 Keep Yourself Hydrated

It is vital that you are hydrated as you head to your triathlon race. But, do not chug water out of nerves. Sip on water to satisfy your thirst as you feel it is needed. Make sure your body is not deprived of water in the days leading up to the race, and consider drinking fluids with electrolytes, salts and healthy sugars so your body is not depleted of nutrients. During the triathlon, you can store energy gels, tablets or bars with you to take as you need a boost.

If you are preparing for your very first triathlon, a triathlon group training program offers can get you started on a workout regimen and eating plan that matches your fitness goals. Trainers love seeing people achieve the success they desire through healthy eating, staying hydrated and a fluctuating workout plan. They believe that every person is different, so they create a triathlon training plan that works best for you.