Weight Management in Palatine, IL

Weight Management in Palatine, IL

Weight Management in Palatine, ILWhen it comes to Palatine, IL weight management, it may seem incredibly daunting for you. Perhaps you have been struggling with your weight for your entire life or perhaps your metabolism slowed down sooner than your love for food did. Either way, developing weight management goals on your own can be incredibly stressful, and for most people who try to tackle this one their own, they give up before they ever reach their goal. The Lotus Wellness Center understands how frustrating it can be when you look in the mirror and do not see what you would like to. Instead of trying the latest fad diets or working out an unreasonable amount of time, we want to help you understand what kind of life choices you can make to improve your weight, but most importantly, your overall health. If you would like to speak with a professional in weight management in Palatine, Illinois from the Lotus Wellness Center about your weight management goals, please call our office today.

Won’t you just put me on a diet and tell me to track my weight?

No! We believe that Palatine, IL weight management is so much more important than having a certain number on the scale or eliminating every bad food from your diet. Instead, we aim to provide you with an educational foundation that supports good nutrition and how different foods can work to benefit your body and your overall goal. Instead of restricting you and taking away foods from you, we believe in a healthier “moderation” style mindset. When you are seeking a Palatine weight management professional from the Lotus Wellness Center, you have come to the right place.

What should I expect when I meet with my doctor?

When you go in to discuss your weight management with one of our onsite doctors, you should expect to come prepared with a full medical and family history. Discuss what kinds of struggles you have had with food in the past. Do you find that you eat to cope with certain stressors? Does food comfort you? If you have achieved a goal you set out to conquer, do you find that you use food as a type of reward?

What kind of program do you offer?

When you go through the Palatine, IL weight management program at the Lotus Wellness Center, we will put you through a six-week program that shows you exactly how you should identify hunger (versus dehydration), manage your cravings, and determine how to better manage any emotions that you also associate with food. When you have a healthier, more positive outlook on the foods you eat, you can see the way your body reacts to certain foods.

Weight Management and Chiropractic Care

In addition to different therapies that will help you view food differently, we also offer chiropractic care because we believe that weight management is a product of a healthy and functioning body as a whole. Through chiropractic care, you can begin eliminating certain stress and tension within your body, and when this happens, your body can work to communicate even more from your brain to your different organs. This creates an ideal environment for weight management.

Get Help from a Palatine, IL Weight Management Program!

If you are struggling with your weight and would like to speak with a doctor at the Lotus Wellness Center about weight management, don’t hesitate any longer in reaching out. Call us today to learn more about our Palatine, IL weight management program!

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