Virtual Therapist Schaumburg, IL

Virtual Therapist in Schaumburg, IL

Virtual Therapist Schaumburg, ILIf you’re looking for a virtual therapist in Schaumburg, IL, look no further than Lotus Wellness Center. Virtual therapy has been around for several years, and once the COVID-19 pandemic started, it only grew more popular. But how effective is virtual therapy, and can you trust it to provide the same care and results as in-person therapy?

Read on to learn more about virtual therapy, and understand how it can help you:

Understanding Virtual Therapy

At its most straightforward, virtual therapy is therapy carried out either through a conferencing app (like Zoom or Skype) or via a specialized therapy app. Virtual therapy is a growing field, and it offers a few key benefits over in-person therapy.

  • Convenience: Because virtual therapy is carried out through a computer, tablet, or phone, you don’t have to worry as much about your commute. If you live in a more rural area, pursuing therapy might have been too challenging – but if you can attend your therapy from the safety and comfort of your own home, it’s much easier to make your sessions. You also won’t have to worry about your commute as much: Nobody likes stressing out in traffic, and it could prove counterintuitive if you stress yourself out further on your way to an appointment for stress management.
  • More personal treatment: It’s one thing to meet with a therapist in an office: It’s neutral ground, but it can be difficult to visually provide a window into your life. When you meet with a virtual therapist in Schaumburg, IL, you have a better opportunity to illustrate who you are: You can show your therapist your space, which can give them a better idea of who you are and what you’re dealing with. And conversely, if your therapist is working from home, you can get a glimpse into who they are, which can foster an environment of trust that’s hard to find otherwise.
  • Greater confidentiality: For some people, privacy is essential. They don’t like others to know that they attend therapy, or they’d just prefer to separate their personal and professional lives. When it comes to in-person therapy, there is an off-chance (however slim) that they might see someone they know in the waiting room. Fortunately, with virtual therapy, they don’t have to worry about this possibility. Virtual therapy provides important privacy, and that can win over even the most closed-off clients.

Virtual therapy is as effective as in-person therapy, and it provides a degree of convenience and confidentiality that many people search for. When it’s time to consider therapy, virtual therapy gives clients the ability to set their own terms and boundaries about when and where they will have their sessions, and it also provides them the ability to follow up on previous sessions more effectively. The convenience, intimacy, and confidentiality of virtual therapy makes it an appealing option for many.

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At Lotus Wellness Center, we understand the importance of therapy, whether in-person or virtually. We know that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, people still need others to talk to, and mental health continues to be a challenging issue for many of us – pandemic or not. Reach out to Lotus Wellness Center today, and see how a virtual therapist in Schaumburg, IL can help you.

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