Trauma Therapist Schaumburg, IL

Trauma Therapist Schaumburg, IL

Trauma can be life-changing, and often in ways that are destructive to the wellbeing of a person. Daily functioning might feel very difficult, if not impossible. Symptoms might be triggered by an incident that seems relatively small, or unforeseeable. You might reach a point in which you don’t know who you are anymore. 

If you can relate to these words, a trauma therapist Schaumburg, IL respects may be able to help you. Through individualized sessions, trauma therapy can provide innumerable benefits that ultimately will help to put your life back together. 

Benefits of Trauma Therapy

As a leading trauma therapist in Schaumburg, Illinois, we have helped people of all ages and backgrounds overcome the symptoms of experiencing a traumatic event. Some of the noticeable benefits of trauma therapy include the following:


Your trauma therapist in Schaumburg, IL is someone who will act as a witness to the trauma you suffered. At the same time, he or she will listen to what you have to say without judgment, criticism, or an agenda. 

The sessions are focused entirely on you and your experience. You will be in a safe environment and made to feel as comfortable as possible. The relationship you develop between you and your therapist is inherently unique, and often one that is not possible with friends, family members, or co-workers. 

When you talk with a therapist, you can feel peace of mind knowing that you are acknowledged and being heard. These are the very core foundations of trauma therapy, and will help you to meet your overall goals. 

Coping Skills

Trauma can affect the way you interact with the world around you. You might feel overwhelmed or angry when memories are triggered, and this can happen by things that seem “normal” to someone who did not have a traumatic experience. 

Your Schaumburg, IL trauma therapist can help you to learn practical coping skills that will help you to function in your daily life. These skills can vary, but examples might include, coping with fears or phobias, controlling anger, improving a relationship, or navigating your life plan. 

Understanding the Trauma

The symptoms of trauma can be at their worst when you are feeling afraid, angry, sad, or in despair. A major part of therapy will include exploring the trauma. This is done in a careful, strategic way, by your certified therapist. The more that you begin to understand yourself, the more you become the driver of your own life. Furthermore, you will start to understand the structure of the trauma. This can reduce the effects of traumatic-induced stress, anxiety, and other symptoms. These new-found skills and understanding of your trauma can assist you with healing; ultimately allowing your recovery to begin. 

Take the First Step…

If you are thinking about starting the healing process following any kind of traumatic event or experience(s), the Lotus Wellness Center would like to help you. Please call us today to schedule a consultation with a trauma therapist in Schaumburg, IL.