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Something that is often addressed during Therapy in Palatine, IL at Lotus Wellness Center, is how it isn’t uncommon for couples to experience relationship issues during their time together. The reality is, relationships take work. It’s important for the health of your relationship that you put forth the time and effort to further invest in the commitment the two of you have with one another. Many couples find that working with a couples therapist can help in managing the common stressors and challenges that people face in relationships.

During Therapy in Palatine, Illinois, we can provide couples with the space to assist in gaining a better understanding of one another by coming together on common issues they may be grappling with. 

Relationship Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of any relationship. You and your partner stand to face differences throughout life that can be incredibly challenging to work through. People tend to deal with conflict differently, because of this, resolving the actual issue at hand may be difficult. Essentially, there are 5 primary ways that people manage conflict:

  • Conflict Avoidant
  • Volatile
  • Hostile
  • Validating
  • Hostile-Detached

Conflict in relationships can certainly have an impact upon the health of a relationship. This is especially true when couples are not able to reach resolutions. In some cases, when couples are unable to effectively manage problems together, there may be concern over whether the relationship will last. Contact us as soon as possible so that you can obtain the professional support you need during Therapy in Palatine at Lotus Wellness Center. 

Gaining Skills to Resolve Issues

With support during IL Therapy, you and your partner can gain the skills needed to healthily manage and resolve conflict. The rate at which relationships reach their end is high. Because of this, it’s important that you and your partner learn appropriate ways to manage stressors and issues. Common tips to resolving conflict within a relationship includes:

  • Refrain from playing the blame game
  • Take the time to listen to each other
  • Stick to one issue at a time
  • Listen to the other person
  • Refrain from attacks, communicate with purpose

For more on how you can resolve conflict that arises in your relationship, contact Lotus Wellness Center for more information.

What is CBT?

Cognitive behavioral therapy Palatine, IL residents trust blends two main types of therapy: cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. Whereas cognitive therapy focuses more on your moods and how they interact with your thoughts, behavioral therapy focuses more specifically on your behaviors and your actions. Thus, if you are suffering from depression, your clinical therapist will help you determine different thoughts you have on a daily basis that are negative and how you can change your reactions to restructure those thoughts.

When you are able to pinpoint what certain stressors are in your life and find more constructive ways to deal with and react to those stressors, you begin creating new responses to stressors in the future. Additionally, our Palatine, Illinois therapy can help teach you different techniques that you can learn inside the office and techniques that you can take home to help you in your daily life.

How does it work?

When thinking about different approaches to therapy, CBT requires less of a commitment than other types of therapy (like psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies). When you work with your cognitive behavioral therapist, you will examine different situations in your life that cause you to become stressed and contribute to depression. Then, your therapist can help you see how your thought patterns lead to either a worsening of your depression or how these patterns can make it better.

One thing that your cognitive behavioral therapist may ask you to do outside of your session is to keep a journal. This is a fantastic way for you to record different events in your life on a daily basis and see how you react to them. Your therapist can go over your reactions with you and help you determine ways to improve these thinking patterns so that you can react more positively to them in the future.

Examples of Self-Defeating Thoughts:

  • Taking things too personally when comments are not directed specifically at you.
  • Having negative reactions to situations or conversations automatically.
  • Viewing situations and conversations as completely black-and-white or as absolute.
  • Seeing positive experiences or conversations and believing that they are not typical or that they “don’t count” for some reason.
  • Making overgeneralizations about events.

When you work with a therapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, you can begin changing your thoughts and reactions to events before they stem into depression. If you are interested in seeing how a cognitive behavioral therapist can help you with your depression instead of turning to medication, please reach out to Lotus Wellness Center for therapy Palatine, IL residents rely on!

We Can Help You 

A therapist from our clinic can guide you by helping you to achieve healthy ways of communication and feeling heard during sessions. In addition to providing you with key ways of managing conflict, we can also help in leveling the playing field by providing you with skills to improve your relationship:

  • Understand each other’s perspective
  • Gain a clear understanding of how you communicate
  • Learn how each of you like to give and receive love
  • Build your connection with one another

It is important to note that counseling in Palatine, IL is not a quick fix. It will take time, commitment and effort from both parties to achieve the positive outcome you are looking for. Our therapists are committed to helping you and your partner improve satisfaction within your relationship. 

Difficulties in a relationship can be emotional and challenging to work through. Sometimes, couples need help from a licensed couples therapist to help resolve conflicts in the relationship. The skills a couples therapist at our clinic can help teach you both skills that can guide you towards a more harmonious relationship. We can help answer your questions and schedule an intake with you and your partner. To learn more, give Lotus Wellness Center a call to speak with one of our skilled clinicians about Illinois Therapy in Palatine.