Teen Therapy Schaumburg, IL

Teen Therapy Schaumburg, IL

Teen Therapy Schaumburg, IL

If you think that you have lost touch with your teenager, teen therapy Schaumburg, IL clinic, the Lotus Wellness Lotus Center has to offer, may be right for you. 

The decision to try therapy can be an intimidating and challenging one. There are many misconceptions associated with therapy, but many people have found it to have a positive and transformative effect on their lives. It is strongly recommended that individuals who are facing struggles that are impacting their wellbeing or mental health find out if therapy is right for them. For teenagers especially, therapy can be greatly beneficial as it provides a safe environment and trusted support system to help them deal with challenging events or stressors in their lives.

You want your teenager back, and want to know they can be themselves and live up to their full potential. You might not understand what your teen won’t open up to you or is distant and angry. You might feel as if you have done something wrong or have failed as a parent. This is understandable and something many parents go through. Navigating the teenage years is not only difficult for teenagers, but for their parents as well. It is the period where they may be less inclined to open up and communicate their issues. As a parent, you may not know the best way to reach out to them despite your best efforts. How do you get through to your child if they have a wall up? As a teen therapist in Schaumburg, Illinois, we understand teens and what they may be going through; things like anxiety, pressure, and depression. We can help. Call us today to learn more about teen therapy in Schaumburg, Illinois. 

Mental Health Problems in Teens

Being a teen is not easy. With the stressors of school, being liked by peers, the pressure to make big decisions in the coming future, and pressure to get along with parents, life can be difficult. They may be struggling to deal with new emotions, dating issues, bullying, or having difficulty achieving academic success.  Combine these with pressure and stress on social media, and teenagers today are facing more mental health challenges than many people realize. There is an even greater emphasis on performance and outward appearance. They feel pressure to feel like they have it all together to their peers. Despite all those factors, teenagers may not want to disclose their problems to family, particularly parents. They may feel that the issues they are going through may be too complicated to express, except to their closest friends. The impulse to keep those issues a secret is natural in teenagers, but does not allow them to deal with their troubles head-on. Therapy can yield positive results for teenagers who may need an emotional outlet.

With mental health issues so common among teenagers, it is important that they are aware that there are ways for them to receive professional guidance in the form of therapy and counseling. If you are noticing some signs of mental health problems, or you feel that you have lost that bond with your teen for weeks or months, and these issues are causing problems in their life, it may be time to call the Lotus Wellness Center

Symptoms of Depression in Teens

  • Low self-esteem
  • Isolation
  • Avoiding time spent with friends
  • Declining grades
  • Changes in weight
  • Little to no energy
  • Sulky, numb, worthless, sad
  • Losing interest in things they used to enjoy
  • Sleep problems
  • Self-harm
  • Development of eating disorders

Self Harm in Teens

Some teens who are struggling with depression or other mental health issues engage or contemplate self-harm. Some common signs of self-harm or thoughts that lead to it include:

  • Critical self-judgments
  • Conflict at home or school
  • Difficulty managing moods
  • Feeling empty or numb
  • Engaging in risky behaviors
  • Engaging in self-harm
  • Suicidal thoughts

Teen therapy in Schaumburg, IL can help teens who are depressed, sad, and/or practicing self-harm. The sessions are also very beneficial for teens with anxiety, stress, or who are struggling with trauma. Therapy offers many benefits for teens who are unable to cope with their struggles on their own. The sooner they can address their particular problems in a professional setting such as a health center, the better. If they seek help early, they can avoid their emotional turmoil from worsening and engaging in self-destructive behavior that may have serious consequences. Please don’t delay in calling the Lotus Wellness Center.

How can you help your child?

When you see your child struggling, all you want to do is help them. You probably want to lend an ear when it looks like they need to talk, hold them when they seem upset, and fight their battles for them when they seem beaten down. Unfortunately, you cannot always do these things for your teenager and you may start looking into Schaumburg, Illinois teen therapy to see if that may be helpful. We understand that you want to be able to support your child whenever possible. Helping your child get therapy may be challenging for you to consider as well. We know that you have many questions and you only want what’s best for your teenager.  The teenage years can be some of the most difficult as your child is going through many changes, has a great deal of pressure on them to be their best, and is trying to figure out who they want to be. Finding the right therapist for your child may be one of the best gifts you can give them.

What happens in my child’s therapy sessions?

There are a few things you can expect from therapy. First, you and your child may meet with the therapist together. Understandably, your teenager may not be so willing to open up about things that are bothering them while you are there, but it can help give you a sense of what will go on in subsequent visits. 

Next, your child will be going to therapy sessions one on one. Your child’s therapist may have a number of things they do to try to make your teenager feel more comfortable and open up about what they are going through. They will use a variety of approaches to establish trust and promote open communication. Your child may not be willing to talk during the first couple of sessions. A therapist understands that it’s important for your child to feel comfortable during each session and they are not pressured to talk about their feelings in a way that belittles them. It is important that you never make your child feel embarrassed or like they are in trouble for what they are feeling. This is not constructive and may only make them more unwilling to communicate their thoughts. Their feelings are valid and they should feel like they are not being judged or criticized. Although they may not react to their feelings in a positive or good way, they are entitled to their feelings or may not be able to help their feelings. 

What does therapy do for my teenager?

Therapy provides your teenager with a safe, judgment-free place to discuss their thoughts and feelings. It allows your child to identify and manage their emotions and feelings so they are not overwhelming. During a session, a therapist will actively listen to your child as they talk about their struggles. Your child’s therapist may want to do activities to help them open up, do free-form talking, and practice ways to help your child cope with what they are feeling in a more positive way. They can monitor their progress and help them establish short and long-term goals so that they can keep track of their mental health progress. A therapist can suggest useful coping strategies for particular moments or times of stress, such as how to deal with exam anxiety and navigating peer pressure. 

What should I be doing for my child?

When you are home, you should always remind your teenager about how much you love them. Taking them to therapy is a great step and it is important to find them a therapist they feel comfortable opening up to. You may also want to speak with the therapist about what things you can be doing at home to help your teenager. 

You Are Not At Fault

You may have done everything as best as possible and yet your teen is suffering. You deserve to have the relationship you want with your child. Needing teen therapy doesn’t mean you did something wrong. Rather, seeking help means you are doing what you believe is best for your teen and family.  Sadly 1 in 5 people between the ages of 13 and 18 suffer from a mental health disorder. This accounts for 20% of the U.S. population. Take the right steps towards getting help for your teen. By seeking therapeutic treatment for your child, you are helping them get the appropriate care and support. To learn more about teen therapy in Schaumburg, IL, call the Lotus Wellness Center for a consultation or to schedule your first appointment.

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