Substance Abuse Therapy Palatine, IL

Substance Abuse Therapy Palatine, IL

Substance Abuse Therapy Palatine, IL

For people struggling with addiction issues, Palatine, IL substance abuse therapy can offer relief and unique strategies for guidance on the path to recovery. Addiction affects many individuals, and it can be difficult to figure out the best way to take action and seek help. People deal with addiction in different ways, and therapy is a great way to establish a strong, reliable support system. If you or a loved one are considering therapy as a way to resolve your substance abuse issues, it may help you to contact a trusted and trained mental health professional like one at Lotus Wellness Center to discuss possible treatment options.

Substance Abuse Therapy in Palatine, IL 

Addiction is a prevalent issue that many people experience. In 2017, the National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that nearly 20 million Americans suffered from substance use disorder. Because of the persistent stigma surrounding substance and drug use, many people are reluctant to find ways to get help. They may have trouble finding the support they need to get them through one of the toughest periods of their life. Due to feelings like shame and guilt, those suffering from addiction often choose to avoid therapy as a treatment option for their addiction. By obtaining the help of an experienced addiction specialist like one from Lotus Wellness Center who understands the best approaches for effectively managing addiction, you can get the confidence and support to find and implement solutions for your substance abuse.

It is important for people to acknowledge and seek help for their addiction as soon as they can. The consequences for not treating substance abuse issues properly can be severe, resulting in long-term serious health complications, mental health issues, weak or broken relationships with family and friends, imprisonment, or suicide. Through specialized therapy sessions, you can discuss the underlying issues at the center of your addiction with a therapist who will help you tackle your addiction in a constructive manner.

How Therapy Can Help with Substance Abuse

The sooner an individual facing addiction problems considers therapy, the faster they can initiate the process for recovery. Therapy utilizes evidence-based approaches to work with their patients on understanding the central issues that lead to the addiction and discovering strategies and solutions to combat them. Compassionate and experienced therapists who practice addiction therapy in Palatine, IL understand that trust is crucial for therapy to be successful, and will take the time to get to know their patient and their needs. Here are some ways a therapist can help those who struggle with addiction:

  • Actively listen to patients express themselves
  • Support the patient and make them feel accepted
  • Provide a safe space for the patient
  • Propose effective and targeted coping strategies
  • Propose positive lifestyle changes during recovery
  • Establish an emergency plan for relapse

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People who suffer from serious substance abuse issues don’t have to face them alone. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, contact a therapist who practices substance abuse therapy in Schaumburg, IL to explore your options for treatment.

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