Past Life Regression Therapy Schaumburg, IL

Past Life Regression Therapy Schaumburg, IL

Past Life Regression Therapy Schaumburg, IL

Past life regression therapy in Schaumburg, IL is a type of therapy that utilizes hypnosis to retrieve memories from past lives. This therapy is based upon the idea that a person has lived before their current incarnation, and memories of previous lives can be recovered.

The sessions are held by a certified therapist and will begin with a series of questions that are asked before or during a state of hypnosis. The intention of this is to reveal the occurrences of previous lives. Therapists believe that with the chaoticness of the lives most of us live, memories can become repressed or concealed beneath everyday thoughts. A session for past life regression therapy in Schaumburg, IL will take you out of the noise and thoughts and into a peaceful state where it is easier to locate repressed memories that have been held in the subconscious mind. Past life regression therapists believe that this particular type of therapy can alleviate worries, fears, anxiety, phobia, and trauma.

The Benefits of a Past Life Regression Therapy Session

Through a session for past life regression therapy in Schaumburg, Illinois, you may benefit from:

  • The ability to reconnect with past life experiences
  • Help you to understand why you feel a strong connection to specific places
  • Explore your previous and current experiences with a Soulmate
  • Identify and understand physical ailments that could be associated with a past life
  • Explore unresolved emotions that you may have carried through to this life
  • Identify, acknowledge, and embrace lessons learned through previous lives

Is the Therapist Trained in Past Life Regression Therapy?

At the Lotus Wellness Center, our past life regression therapist is fully trained and has been working with clients from all backgrounds for many years.

Will I Remember the Regression?

Yes, during your past life therapy session, your therapist will guide you through the journey. You will remember everything. This type of therapy is not like stage hypnosis in which you may do things that you cannot remember or recall. You will be in a deep relaxed state, but will be aware at all times. Your therapist will ask you questions and you will answer them so as to guide you through the journey. The only thing asked of you is that you relax and allow whatever that comes in your mind to do so.

What Will I Experience in a Session?

No two sessions are exactly alike. Some people will uncover that they have shared past lives with people whom they have a close relationship with in their current life. Others are drawn to specific locations where they immediately feel comfortable. Every past life is an adventure and a journey?

Am I Going Back in Time?

In general, not everyone will be guaranteed to go back in time; however, this is rare. When a person firmly believes past lives don’t exist, it can cause a blockage in the mind which disables a person to surrender to the experience. Typically, about 95% of clients will experience at least one past life in a single session of regression.

Do I Get to Choose the Past Life?

Your subconscious mind will be the sole decider on which life will be uncovered in a session. The mind does this so as to “protect” you against memories that you may not be ready to uncover. Let your subconscious mind intuitively guide you through the session, and as such you can entrust yourself to be guided on the right path.

Is it Safe?

A past life regression therapy session lasts for about 2 hours. The regression itself can be 30 to 45 minutes with the remaining time being spent before and after talking with you. The sessions are safe, held in a comfortable environment, and effective.

To learn more about past life regression therapy in Schaumburg, IL, please call the Lotus Wellness Center today.

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