Medicare Anxiety Therapy Palatine, IL

Medicare Anxiety Therapy in Palatine, ILMedicare Anxiety Therapy Palatine, IL

If you suffer from anxiety, it may be helpful to seek out Medicare anxiety therapy in Palatine, IL. Anxiety can negatively affect your life and talking to a licensed therapist may be very helpful. Many people with anxiety disorders have experienced great success with therapy.

Common Types of Therapy for Anxiety

There is not just one type of therapy used to treat anxiety. A therapist will consider the type of anxiety disorder you have and severity of your symptoms when suggesting the appropriate therapy. Here are some common types of therapy for anxiety.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common type of therapy used to treat anxiety and involves identifying your negative thinking and replacing it with more positive ones. For instance, if you are anxious that you will do poorly during your job interview, your therapist may try to change your way of thinking. He or she may help you realize that if you practice for the interview and have a positive outlook, you may have a successful interview.
  • Interpersonal therapy. If your anxiety relates to your relationships with other people, a therapist may suggest interpersonal therapy. During this type of therapy, your therapist will help you figure out what interpersonal issues you may have and how they’re causing you anxiety. For example, if your family members often talk down to you, it may bring you more anxiety. Your therapist will teach you healthier ways to let out your emotions and communicate with other people.
  • Exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is another type of Medicare anxiety therapy in Palatine, IL that may be beneficial. This type of therapy is particularly beneficial if you are afraid of something specific. Your therapist will gradually introduce you to objects or situations that lead to your anxiety. For example, in the beginning of your therapy, your therapist might ask you to vividly imagine your phobia in your head.

How to Make the Most Out of Therapy

The more you put into your anxiety therapy, the more you will get out of it. First and foremost, be completely honest with your therapist. He or she has likely heard it all and won’t judge you. It’s also important to ask your therapist questions and do any homework he or she may assign you outside of your sessions.

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