Hypnotherapist Schaumburg, IL

Hypnotherapist Schaumburg, IL

Understanding Hypnosis and What it Can Help With

  • Are you experiencing compulsive behaviors?
  • Do you have fears or phobias?
  • Are you struggling with certain addictions? 

If so, a hypnotherapist Schaumburg, IL trusts may be able to help you. Hypnosis focuses on reframing the subconscious thought patterns that tend to control our day to day lives. Many of these automatic patterns are absolutely necessary for survival; however, there are also many that can negatively impact your wellbeing. 

As a Schaumburg, Illinois hypnotherapist might explain to you, it is possible to reverse conditions or impulsions that are driven by subconscious thought patterns. In hypnotherapy sessions, the goals will be to:

  • Identify the root cause of the condition, pattern, or behavior
  • Provide practical suggestions for reframing that negative behavior
  • Reinforce the behavior in follow up sessions

What Can Hypnotherapy Treat

In particular, a hypnotherapist in Schaumburg, IL may be able to address and treat:

  • Compulsive Behaviors – Overeating, procrastination, or other compulsive behaviors are often rooted in faulty subconscious thought patterns or associations. For example, overeating can be associated with rewards. Hypnosis can help you to identify these patterns, and develop healthy ways to overcome them.
  • Fears or Phobias – Fear of the doctor, fear of small spaces, fear of certain objects, are all examples of phobias. Yet, they are often a result of irrational thought processes. Hypnotherapy sessions can quiet these thoughts and replace them with better associations. 
  • Addictions – Addiction can alter the subconscious mind through repetitive behaviors. For example, most smokers will have specific rituals, such as smoking after eating. Hypnosis can help you to identify and reframe these automatic behaviors. The sessions can benefit people who are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, food, and more. 
  • Depression – Depression can control the subconscious mind. The result may be a feedback of negative thoughts and ideas. A Schaumburg, IL hypnotherapist can help to isolate the cause of the depression and reduce the negative thought patterns. By reducing these patterns, you can begin to feel more confident, have more energy, get better sleep, and overall improve your daily life. 
  • Stress – Stress can be very harmful to the body and cause a number of health problems. By reducing stress you can live a healthier and more enjoyable life. However, stress can be amplified by the subconscious thought patterns. Hypnosis can help you to gain an understanding of what is causing the stress, and enable you to take control of the situation; thus, reduce your stress load. 

The Lotus Wellness Center for Hypnotherapy in Schaumburg, IL

The above are only some conditions that can be addressed and treated by a certified hypnotherapist. If you are interested in learning about hypnotherapy and how it may benefit you, please reach out to Lotus Wellness Center. We will be happy to discuss your concerns and questions, and arrange a time that you can meet your hypnotherapist in Schaumburg, IL. Give us a call today.