Depression Therapy in Lake Zurich IL

Depression Therapy in Lake Zurich IL

Woman holding hands to face looking off in a dazeDealing with depression either as a result of biological, psychological, social stresses, etc. can feel like an uphill battle which is why it’s recommended to seek depression therapy in Lake Zurich, IL. A licensed therapist can help you combat your depression by employing different types of treatment to reduce its effects.

Depression therapy may last a few sessions, several weeks, months, or years depending upon the severity of your or your loved one’s depression. While it’s common for people to feel periods of extreme sadness or despondency–thus making it harder to accurately diagnose depression–common symptoms may include:

  • Feeling sad, anxious, or overwhelmed.
  • Isolating yourself from friends and family.
  • Not taking good care of your physical and mental needs.
  • Losing interest in hobbies or relationships.
  • Feeling like you need to talk to someone.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms then consulting a licensed therapist at Lotus Wellness Center can be beneficial.

What Can You Expect from Your First Session?

During your first session, your therapist will ask you a series of questions including your family’s health history in order to determine what could be the contributors to your depression. Your therapist will then help formulate a plan which may include an initial set amount of sessions. During these sessions, your therapist will ask questions and teach you effective coping techniques that can help you manage and maybe even eliminate your symptoms. By fostering self-reflection and an understanding of your depression and what causes it, your therapist will help guide you towards a better state of mental health. Prior to your first session, you will also have to fill out some paperwork and some offices will allow you to fill out this paperwork via email.

How Will Your Therapist Diagnose You For Depression? 

While plenty of people benefit from counseling and therapy–even if they aren’t diagnosed with depression–if you believe you may be suffering from depression your therapist can help diagnose you. Methods such as assessing your symptoms, family history, your background, medical history, and even your brain’s biology can all help determine if you have depression. If you are diagnosed, don’t panic as being diagnosed is often the first step towards recovery.

What Treatments Are Available? 

Different treatments can help patients in different ways and your therapist will help find the right treatment for you. Treatment options may include behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, solution-focused therapy, and how you can resolve your immediate problems or emotional needs. You might find that a certain type of treatment isn’t working for you and sometimes it can be trial and error as well as combining different types of treatments.

Will I Always Have Depression? 

Sometimes depression is only temporary and can be caused by external factors such as a loss of a loved one. Other times depression may be biological, making it difficult to completely eliminate. Regardless, by visiting Lotus Wellness Center and enlisting the help of depression therapy in Lake Zurich, IL you will be able to mitigate your depression and live a happier life.

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