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Counselor Palatine IL

Counselor Palatine IL Explains Signs Your Partner Is Unhappy

Counselor Palatine ILNo matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, there may come a time when you wonder if you should seek help from a counselor in Palatine Illinois. It’s important for both partners to be happy. However, if you’ve been getting the feeling lately that something is off in your relationship then it might be time to seek couples counseling Palatine, IL. Maybe there haven’t been any big fights, but you just sense that something is wrong. You could be right.

The couples counselors at Lotus Wellness Center are here with some signs that your partner may be unhappy.

Your Partner Always Goes Out With Friends

Although there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with your own friends occasionally, it shouldn’t be more important than your relationship. If you notice that your partner is going out with friends several times a week and never includes you, it indicates that he or she may be unhappy and would rather spend time with others. An experienced counselor Palatine IL may be able to help you navigate this conversation with your partner, and confront him or her on their behavior.

Your Partner Rarely Wants to Talk

In healthy relationships, partners are happy to talk about their day with one another. If your partner regularly replies to your questions with one-word answers or just never seems interested in the conversation, there may be something wrong. Discussing this in the presence of a counselor Palatine IL may help to bring core issues to the surface.

Your Partner Is More Argumentative

It’s normal for couples to have disagreements every once in a while. However, if your partner is picking arguments over the smallest things, it’s a sign that he or she is unhappy. He or she may be trying to create a problem that’s not there to find a way out of the relationship. In some instances, the person may not even be fully aware of their actions. By discussing this with a trusted counselor Palatine IL you can find out what’s really going on.

Your Partner Takes Longer to Respond to You

If your partner has been taking longer to respond to your text messages and voicemails, it could be a cause for concern. Sure, he or she could just be busy with work or other obligations. You could also be taking a long time to respond because he or she is unhappy in the relationship.

There’s Less Physical Intimacy

While it’s natural for there to be less physical intimacy once you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it shouldn’t stop completely. If you can’t remember the last time you were intimate with your partner and he or she just doesn’t seem interested in it at all, there’s a problem in the relationship.

Your Partner Is Always Cancelling Plans

Canceling a date every once in a while is understandable. Things can come up. However, if your partner is canceling the majority of your plans lately, it’s a sign that he or she isn’t into the relationship anymore.

Your Partner Is Making Less of an Effort

Have you noticed that your partner has stopped making an effort to plan dates, do nice things for you around the house or just ask you how you’re doing, there may be something seriously wrong. If your partner isn’t making an effort anymore, he or she is likely unhappy in your relationship.

If you and your partner are experiencing issues, consider speaking to a couples counselor at the Lotus Wellness Center. Our team is here to provide a trusted Palatine IL counselor you can count on.

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