Counseling Center Palatine, IL

Counseling Center Palatine, IL

Counseling Center Palatine, ILAs a counseling center in Palatine, IL, Lotus Wellness Center helps individuals, couples, and families who are struggling with various emotional or mental health issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder, and more.

Individual counseling 

By seeking a Palatine, IL counseling center, a broad range of interpersonal issues, anger issues, self confidence issues, grief issues, and so forth, can be addressed. Through guidance, goal setting, and the support of a counselor, you will find that the door to exploring yourself and the human experience will open.

The Benefits of counseling

There are many benefits for individual counseling in Palatine, IL, such as encouraging self exploration, identifying boundaries, improving communication, and utilizing healthy coping skills. The benefits of regular sessions can encourage a behavioral shift that can reduce the symptoms of mental health conditions.


At our counseling center in Palatine, IL, both you and the counselor will discuss various issues that you would like to address. From here, you certified counselor will encourage you to reflect and delve into the feelings and experiences that arise from the discussion. For example, in counseling, the practice of mindfulness is readily used as a tool to teach the individual about how to live in the moment. Your counselor might encourage the use of mindfulness by considering the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that occur in the session. Overtime, you might notice a heightened sense of self awareness.


Counseling sessions encourage self exploration. For example, questions like “What do I believe?”, “Who am I?”, or “What matters most to me?” might be asked. In the beginning you might struggle to find their answer. However, as time passes, you may eventually understand the answer to these questions.

Identifying Boundaries

Many people choose to visit our Palatine, IL counseling center because they are struggling with issues related to the social skills and relationships. Many of these issues actually arise because of a lack of boundaries. Boundaries are limitations that help to differentiate the difference between preferences, needs, and desires of one person to another. A counselor can help you to identify your boundaries and communicate them to another person. For example, if you feel that you need more time to yourself, a counselor can help you to determine how much time you should have each week and communicate this boundary to your significant other.

Improve Communication Skills

Your counselor will help you to improve your communication skills so that you learn how to express yourself, be assertive, be empathetic, actively listen, and have the necessary confidence needed to establish your message.

Healthy Coping Skills

One of the most notable benefits of counseling is the ability to gain valuable coping skills in every session. Your counselor might utilize various tools including acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy and more. These therapies, particularly CBT, can encourage individuals to use various coping skills related to thought patterns. For example, identifying triggers and unhealthy thought patterns that could result in depression.

If you would like to know more about our counseling center in Palatine, IL, call Lotus Wellness Center.

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