At Home Chiropractor Schaumburg, IL

At Home Chiropractor Schaumburg, IL

At Home Chiropractor Schaumburg, ILIf you’re suffering from back or neck pain, contact an at home chiropractor in Schaumburg, IL from Lotus Wellness Center as soon as possible. A healthcare professional will come to your home and help you find relief from your ailment. You can set up an initial consultation to speak with an experienced chiropractor about how he or she can help you and what kind of treatments you can expect to get while in their care.

What Is In-Home Chiropractic Care?

A chiropractic house call, also known as an at-home chiropractic call, is just as it sounds. You’ll call the Lotus Wellness Center and we’ll send our chiropractor to your house. You will receive the same level of holistic care as you would in a traditional in-office appointment, but without having to leave your home. Our chiropractor will bring all the necessary equipment to perform the exam and conduct the subluxation.

Benefits of seeing an at-home chiropractor include:

  • No driving
  • No waiting
  • Less anxiety

You should set up a consultation with a professional from Lotus Wellness Center so that we can go over a treatment plan that would benefit you and answer any questions you may have about in-home chiropractic care.

More Convenient

These appointments are also ideal for busy parents who have a hectic schedule. We also regularly see patients who’ve injured their back or are having spasms, and unable to walk freely. At-home chiropractic care is a great option for people who want to improve their health but either have an incredibly busy schedule or have a hard time leaving the house due to pain or other health problems. At-home care allows patients to get the most out of their sessions with minimal time spent for care. It eliminates travel time and any difficulties of physically getting to an office. It also can help people set up their homes to be more ergonomically friendly and to be ready for at home exercise care. This way, your chiropractor can make sure you are easily able to do your at home exercises and get everything done in between visits that you need.

What Happens During These Visits?

These visits can take between 20 and 60 minutes. Your first appointment will likely be the longest as it involves various tests, questions about your medical history, and more. After this information is gathered, a treatment plan may be put into place. This often involves adjustments, light stretches, and lifestyle changes. You might also be recommended for other holistic therapies, such as massage or acupuncture.

What if I need an X-ray?

We might recommend an X-ray or MRI to get a better understanding of your spine, vertebrae, muscles, and tendons. If you need this type of diagnostic imaging, we will talk with you about when and where to get it.

Why At-Home Chiropractic Care?

By seeing an at-home chiropractor in Schaumburg, IL, you’ll experience a level of convenience that is not available through in-clinic services. As a house call chiropractor, we come to you and deliver the care you need. You don’t have to wait in traffic, sit in waiting rooms, or pack up the family to come in. Rather, you get to remain in the comfort of your own home.

As a chiropractor who makes house calls in Schaumburg, IL, The Lotus Wellness Center can offer you personalized, convenient care.

Why At-Home Chiropractor? 

Get Relief from Pain

One of the main benefits you’ll receive from chiropractic care is less pain. When you’re dealing with back or neck pain, it can make it difficult to do daily activities. You may even have trouble getting out of bed some days. Once your spine is realigned, you’ll notice a significant decrease in your pain. You might be able to do all of the tasks you couldn’t complete before.

Stay in the Comfort of Your Own Home

When you see a traditional chiropractor, you have to drive up all the way to their office for an appointment. An at-home chiropractor, on the other hand, will come to you. He or she will bring all the equipment and perform the necessary treatment in the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to worry about fighting through traffic or bad weather to get to your chiropractor’s office. Instead, you can just relax as you wait for your chiropractor to come to you.

Receive a Safe Treatment

Before you get any kind of treatment for back or neck pain, you want to make sure it’s safe. Surgical procedures and prescription medications, however, come with risks and side effects. If you call an at-home chiropractor in Schaumburg, IL, you can receive an effective treatment for your pain without sacrificing safety. As long as the adjustment is performed by a trained and licensed chiropractor, the treatment is very safe.

Offer a Wide Range of Treatments

While spinal adjustments are a common procedure chiropractors perform, they aren’t the only one. A chiropractor can introduce a wide range of non-invasive treatments to reduce your pain, such as heat and cold therapy, electrotherapy, massage and exercises.

Sleep Better

If you deal with constant back or neck pain, you may have difficulty getting a good night’s rest. After all, it’s not easy to fall asleep when you have so much discomfort. With so little sleep, you may be more irritable during the day and have trouble concentrating on your tasks. If you have a chiropractor perform an adjustment in your home, you can find relief from your pain and sleep better.

Emergency Chiropractic Care

If you have ever experienced a back or neck spasm, or have strained these areas in the body, you might know that moving can be very difficult. Getting in and out of a car, or driving to a clinic, might feel impossible. In these scenarios, an emergency chiropractor may be exactly what you need. We’ll come to your home when you need our treatment.

What are the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment? 

When you want to learn more about having a chiropractor adjust you, you may want to know about some of the benefits that are not obvious. Sure, a chiropractic adjustment can help reduce nerve pain and provide you with some long-term benefits, but what else can it do? When you work with our at-home chiropractor, here are a few things you could look forward to.

It can help with your blood pressure. Some studies have shown that seeing a chiropractor can help to reduce your blood pressure. This is great for anyone who has high blood pressure because it may mean that you can reduce or drop certain medications you are on when you are suffering from high blood pressure.

It helps calm you. When you get an adjustment, your brain is able to communicate with your body better. When you suffer from anxiety, your brain may have a harder time communicating with your body and your body may always feel like it is in fight or flight mode. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help encourage relaxation.

It can help you avoid surgery. Surgery should be the last resort for pain. Often, a surgeon may not even know what the problem is until they open you up and take a look around. Your chiropractor may be able to work with you to reduce the pain you are in or even eliminate it altogether before ever setting foot in a doctor’s office.

It can take care of sciatica. Many people hear sciatica and think it is something that older people have to deal with. However, if you carry around extra weight or have had a baby, you know that sciatica can be terrible to deal with. You may have a hard time walking or even getting off of the couch. Getting adjustments can help reduce and eliminate sciatica.

It can help you with headaches. For those who suffer from headaches and migraines frequently, you may be taking medication for them that might not even help. A chiropractor can help to eliminate the source of the headache or migraine with the appropriate adjustments.

It is safe for pregnant women. Many pregnant women prefer not to take medication for the aches and pains they get because they are concerned about how it could impact their baby. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to help with those pregnancy pains without hurting mom or baby.

The Lotus Wellness Center

The Lotus Wellness Centers’ chiropractor is Dr. Leo Gerdov. Dr. Gerdov holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from the National University of Health Sciences. He utilizes the latest treatments in chiropractic care, as well as light therapy, cupping, and massage. Together, they assist in balancing the neuromuscular system. Dr. Gerdov treats a broad range of conditions including chronic headaches, knee and foot injuries, low back back, sciatica, scoliosis, neck, pain, and more. When he comes to your home he will evaluate your symptoms and talk with you about your goals. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss an integrative holistic wellness approach that suits your needs.

Common Myths About Chiropractic Care

If you’re dealing with neck or back pain, you may be thinking about seeing an IL at home chiropractor in Schaumburg. However, you might have heard some myths about it that are making you think twice. Here are some common myths about chiropractic care.

  • Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt: One of the most common reasons why people are reluctant to try chiropractic care is because they assume it’s too painful. However, as long as the adjustments are performed by a trained chiropractor, you shouldn’t feel any pain. However, you might feel some pressure. After your sessions, you should get relief from your pain.
  • Chiropractic Care Is Dangerous: Although chiropractic adjustments may look intimidating at first, they’re far from unsafe. A licensed chiropractor will know how to perform them safely and give you the relief you need. In fact, chiropractic care is far more safe than other treatment options, like surgery and prescription pain medication.
  • Chiropractic Care Only Treats Back and Neck Pain: It is true that many people seek chiropractic care for back and neck pain. However, chiropractors can treat a wide variety of ailments, including headaches, fatigue, anxiety, sleeping disorders and sciatica.
  • Chiropractic Care Is Too Expensive: Some people shy away from chiropractic care because they assume they can’t afford it. However, seeing a chiropractor in your own home is far more affordable than undergoing surgery. Additionally, many health insurance companies recognize the benefits of chiropractic care and cover it in their plans.
  • Chiropractic Care Isn’t for Children: Another misconception about chiropractic care is that it is not safe for kids. However, chiropractors can treat people of all ages. Chiropractors who work on children usually receive additional training.
  • Chiropractic Care Is Forever: Some people fear that once they see a chiropractor, they will have to do so for the rest of their lives. This just is not true. While some conditions require more frequent chiropractic sessions than others, it won’t be forever. After assessing your condition, your chiropractor can estimate how many sessions you’ll need.
  • Chiropractic Care Isn’t Effective: Even though chiropractic care has been around for quite some time, there’s still some skepticism about it. However, many patients have experienced an improvement in their condition after seeing a chiropractor, as it can help patients manage pain without the need of pain medication or surgery.

Preparing for Your Chiropractic Appointment

A frequent question people ask us is how they can prepare for their appointment. There are things you can do to help maximize the benefits of your chiropractic adjustment. Many chiropractors will offer guidance and encouragement in adopting great pre-and-post appointment habits.

Prior to the Session

The goal is for patients to be in a state where their body is more accepting of the treatment. For instance, if you are sufficiently hydrated then your muscles can readily adapt to the spinal or joint manipulations. And taking a brief walk can help loosen your spine for an easier adjustment. Other tips for prior to your appointment include:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Eating a light meal or snack (with protein)
  • Taking note of your symptoms, pain, or discomfort so you can communicate this to your chiropractor
  • Taking a few minutes to sit quietly so your mind is relaxed

If you feel nervous or uncomfortable in any way, you should speak with your chiropractor ahead of time to help ease your mind. He or she can explain what you can expect with your treatment and tell you what your body is doing every step of the way so that you feel relaxed and comfortable. This is important so that you can still get the most out of your treatment. By relaxing, you are allowing your body to be manipulated by your chiropractor in the simplest way possible, which will assist with the healing process.

Talking with Your Chiropractor

When your chiropractor asks how you are feeling, it will be important that you are forthcoming and honest. There may be symptoms you are embarrassed by and are afraid to share, however, this information could be helpful to your treatment. Even if you think a new or changing symptom isn’t relevant, it could be. Examples of health details that you should share with your chiropractor include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive problems
  • Lack of energy
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Muscle aches
  • Prior injuries
  • Current medical conditions

You should continue to have an open dialogue with your chiropractor so that you can get the most out of your treatments. The more honest you are, the more likely you will be able to benefit from your treatments. You may need supplemental health treatments along with your chiropractic care or to change up your plan if you think you could benefit from other treatments as well. By experimenting with what seems to help and what may not, your chiropractor will be able to come up with a routine that helps you.

Maintain the Good Feeling

Many patients express feeling an immediate relief of tension in their body after a chiropractic appointment. Your chiropractor will give you recommendations for how to take care of your body in between sessions. To maintain the good feeling after your adjustment, continue to drink plenty of water, pay attention to your posture, get enough sleep, decrease stress, and feed your body nourishing foods. Your chiropractor may give you stretches or exercises to continue to do between sessions. Make sure you follow these as best as possible so that you can help facilitate the healing that your chiropractor has been able to help your body achieve.

Contact Lotus Wellness Today

Our team is dedicated to helping people achieve the mind and body wellness they are striving for. We know that when you feel good in your body, it makes life more enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions you’d like answered. To schedule an appointment with an at home chiropractor in Schaumburg, Illinois at Lotus Wellness Center, email or call today!

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