Anxiety Therapist Schaumburg, IL

Anxiety Therapist Schaumburg, IL

Treat Your Anxiety and Find Relief

Anxiety is one of the leading mental illnesses in today’s world. In the U.S. there are at least 40 million adults who have some kind of anxiety. The condition often accompanies emotional pain and worry. As a person focuses on these emotions, they are so overwhelming, that the senses become clouded. Enjoying life, and the present moment, becomes very difficult. Anxiety can amplify worries, fears, frustrations, irritability, and paranoia. As an anxiety therapist in Schaumburg, IL, we can help you to free yourself from anxiety, decrease over-reactions, and empower you to regain peace of mind. 

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is very unpleasant. You might feel at least one of the following symptoms on a regular basis. 

  • Chest pain
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Shaking
  • Ruminating
  • Fatigue
  • Muscular tension
  • Irritability

Our Schaumburg, IL anxiety therapist knows that you don’t want to suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately, without the right guidance many men and women will be unsuccessful in their attempt to get rid of these feelings. Suppressing and denying them tend to be the go-to methods of feeling better, but are temporary at best. Often the anxiety returns, and with greater intensity. This is known as the cycle of avoidance. Realistically, you can’t fix anxiety by denying it, suppressing it, or avoiding it. You must learn to address it, approach it, and change the dynamic relationship you have with it. With the help of a qualified anxiety therapist in Schaumburg, IL, you can find peace from anxiety. 

Learn How to Manage Your Anxiety

When you visit the Lotus Wellness Center for anxiety therapy, you will learn how to recognize your triggers and identify warning signs that the cycle has begun. From here you will be able to disengage from negative thoughts and treat them as information over truths. This results in less influence over your behavior. 

Ultimately with anxiety therapy, you will learn how to step outside of your traditional ways of thinking. You can go beyond these patterns, regrets of the pass, and worries of the future. As you learn how to practice these skills, you will find that your relationship with anxiety changes. Your feelings of anxiety become less frequent, you feel better, and your life becomes more balanced. 

In Your Anxiety Therapy Sessions, You Will Learn:

  • How to identify triggers and to calm yourself from negative thought patterns and behaviors.
  • Apply practical strategies to minimize your stress and anxiety.
  • Accept reality as it is.
  • Feel the symptoms of your anxiety and acknowledge they are only temporary. 
  • Focus on what is important now. 
  • Feel more confident in your ability to manage your anxiety. 

Anxiety Disorders We Treat

Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. Some of the anxiety disorders we treat include:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Social anxiety
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Phobias

Common Myths About Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders among adults. However, it is still very misunderstood. Here are some of the most common myths about anxiety.

  • Anxiety Isn’t a Real Illness: There are many people who are still convinced the anxiety isn’t a serious illness. They think that feeling stressed or worried from time to time are normal parts of life. However, an actual anxiety disorder goes way beyond the normal worries of everyday life. The disorder can lead to more serious side effects, like a racing heart, tightness in the chest, difficulty sleeping and difficulty concentrating. People with anxiety disorders may have difficulty living a normal life. Although there are no blood tests or special imaging to diagnose anxiety, it’s still a very real disease.
  • People With Anxiety Just Need to Avoid Stressful Situations: People with anxiety disorders typically have triggers that make their symptoms worse, such as being in enclosed spaces or social situations. Although it would be nice if they could just avoid these stressful situations, it’s not realistic. An anxiety therapist in Schaumburg, IL can teach them ways to deal with anxiety in these types of situations.
  • Medication Is the Only Way to Manage Anxiety: It’s true that medication is sometimes used to treat anxiety and can be very effective. However, there are several other types of treatments that don’t involve medication, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and problem solving strategies. An anxiety therapist in Schaumburg, IL can evaluate your unique situation and determine the appropriate treatment.
  • Anxiety Can Go Away On Its Own: People with anxiety disorder may go through periods of time where they have a reduction in symptoms. However, that doesn’t mean that their anxiety is gone. Anxiety disorders can be chronic and often require professional treatment.
  • Anxiety Is Always Associated With Panic Attacks: There are different types of anxiety disorders and not all of them involve panic attacks. For instance, generalized anxiety disorder leads to worry, restlessness and irritability, but no panic attacks.
  • Therapy for Anxiety Takes Forever: Another misconception people have about anxiety is that you will have to be in therapy for many years. However, if you attend therapy with a skilled anxiety therapist in Schaumburg, IL, you may notice a dramatic reduction in symptoms in just a few sessions. He or she will give you the tools to deal with your anxiety in healthy ways.

Leading Schaumburg, IL Anxiety Therapist

Regardless of how you are feeling, we would like to help you. We offer talk therapy for anxiety, as well as other holistic therapies, that utilize speech, touch, sound, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, psychodynamics, EMDR, and more. For a consultation with an anxiety therapist in Schaumburg, IL call the Lotus Wellness Center today.