Anxiety Therapist in Palatine, IL 

Anxiety Therapist in Palatine, IL

Anxiety Therapist in Palatine, IL

Anxiety Therapist in Palatine, IL We live in a world of stress. That stress comes from many different directions and can have a way of building over time until eventually one’s mind and body cannot conceal it anymore. That stress often leads to anxiety and the more informally referred to “panic attack”. The symptoms of anxiety may vary from a restless mind and difficulty sleeping (which leads to exhaustion and all of the inherent negative impacts of that lack of sleep) to a full-blown panic attack. Many people have found relief with the help of an anxiety therapist in Palatine, Illinois. Due to the cyclical nature of anxiety on the mind and body, countless people have found therapy to be an effective way to combat that vicious cycle. Anxiety can be confusing, cruel and relentless. Therapy may be the most effective weapon you can use to get your life back.

Symptoms of Anxiety

It would be difficult to create a comprehensive list of symptoms as they vary for everyone, however, a Palatine, IL anxiety therapist provides the following as a starting point for understanding anxiety and how it may be affecting you. One of the most complicated aspects of anxiety is how thoughts (i.e., worry and fear) can cause a physical response (i.e., racing heart and difficulty breathing) and those physical symptoms can enhance the negative thoughts.

Often, when dealing with anxiety, people have difficulty identifying whether the symptoms start with the thoughts or the physical indications. Some of the bigger “umbrella symptoms” (there are many variations of each of the symptoms in the list) include:

  • Restless mind
  • Racing heart
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Stressed personal relationships
  • Depression
  • “Electric” mind
  • Anger outbursts
  • Increased substance use

How Therapy Can Help

A neutral party, such as a licensed Palatine, IL anxiety therapist, can play an important role where he or she helps the individual to pull at the threads of anxiety and untangle those patterns of thought. In helping the individual identify how those thoughts create a physical response, the anxiety therapist will ultimately help the individual to better control those thoughts, therefore, interrupting the cycle.

In learning to recognize your own pattern, you can begin to regulate your emotional response to your world and your personal stressors. In discovering a way to identify and practice this skill of regulation, you will essentially be taking the power back. Although it takes practice, an anxiety therapist Palatine IL families trust can help you significantly reduce those symptoms that caused you such pain and confusion. The therapist is there to help you navigate the stress that may be contributing to your anxiety and to facilitate your ability to make changes through this process.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment with an Anxiety Therapist in Palatine, IL

The most important thing to remember when preparing for your first appointment with an anxiety therapist is that you are doing this for yourself, first and foremost. You deserve to own your anxiety rather than your anxiety owning you. The objective for your sessions is to help you regain control over your thoughts and live the best life that you can live. It takes courage to seek therapy and make that first appointment. It is important to be patient and allow the process to take place.

To schedule an appointment with an anxiety therapist in Palatine, IL, call the Lotus Wellness Center today.

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