Affordable Counseling Center Palatine, IL

Affordable Counseling Center Palatine, IL

Affordable Counseling Center Palatine, ILSome couples in the midst of divorce may be hesitant to access an affordable counseling center Palatine, IL recommends. This is often because couples may be worried of being judged or that the therapist will try to coax them into staying together. However, this isn’t the case, therapists are neutral and unbiased professionals who are there to provide a safe space without judgment. The therapist’s job isn’t to tell you both what to do, instead, they are there to support you as you go through a difficult time in your life. Lotus Wellness Center provides counseling that can help both spouses obtain the goals they want to reach as the divorce process moves forward. If you have considered an affordable counseling center Palatine, Illinois residents turn to during divorce, contact Lotus Wellness Center today.

Pre and Post Divorce Counseling

Divorce counseling may also be referred to as pre-divorce and post-divorce counseling. Some couples may want to attend divorce therapy to be sure that separating is the right decision. For others, both spouses may have already decided they will pursue divorce, but don’t want to be at-odds against each other along the way. Accessing an affordable counseling center Palatine, IL divorcing couples recommend can be useful for couples who have shared children together and a number of decisions to make.

Ex-spouses who want to go to therapy once the divorce has been finalized, may discuss their struggles with co-parenting, communicating with each other, being more civil, and collaborating better together. Therapists also offer independent therapy sessions too, in case there are feelings or thoughts that one of the ex-spouses is afraid to share with the other.

Other Potential Benefits

A therapist for divorcing couples can help the spouses figure out how they want to inform their friends and family members about the separation. Our affordable counseling center Palatine, IL residents trust can also assist with the couples figuring out the logistics of custody and shared assets. Of course, the therapist is not a lawyer and certain topics should be negotiated in the presence of a legal professional. However, a therapist can provide an opportunity for spouses to talk about the emotions they are having during this time.

When To Seek Divorce Counseling

It is possible to get through a divorce without seeing a therapist. If both spouses are open and amicable with each other during this time, then divorce counseling may not be needed. For circumstances where the separation is causing contention and tension, our affordable counseling center Palatine, IL residents turn to can be helpful. Here are signs that you may want to give divorce counseling a try:

  • You feel unworthy
  • You have depression that affects your daily life
  • You have newly developed or worsened anxiety about the future
  • You have thoughts of suicide or harming yourself
  • Low appetite or overeating
  • You cannot sleep like you used to, or you sleep too much
  • You have isolated yourself from loved ones
  • You have suddenly lost or gained substantial weight
  • You have become disinterested in activities
  • Friends and family are concerned
  • You want to minimize tensions between you and your ex
  • Your children are acting out, struggling with their emotions, or having other behavior difficulties due to the divorce

At Lotus Wellness Center, our skilled clinicians are prepared to help you through what may be an incredibly emotional and challenging time. To access counseling in Palatine, IL, contact our practice today.

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