At lotus wellness center we are very interested in helping people decrease and overcome their discomforts including pain. There are many reasons why pain exists however proper management of pain can speed up recovery and help to minimize the chance of the pain returning at a later time. For acute pain that is a result of recent trauma, deconditioning or bad posture we have therapies including chiropractic manipulative therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and electric stimulation as well as light therapy and medical massage. We also teach people exercises aimed at balancing out the overly tight muscles and weak loose ones. Chronic pain can have many reasons as well including failed therapy, surgery, repetitive injury or serious previous trauma. We can treat this pain using similar therapies as we use for acute pain in addition to essential oils, pain relieving topical medicine, kinesiotaping, supplementation to reduce inflammation and hypnotherapy. Given the right combination of modalities some people feel much better after the first visit and can be on their way to complete recovery so that they can get back to doing everything that is important to them.