Migraine Care


Migraines are very common and can be extremely difficult to treat especially if the underlying cause is not addressed.

Many people suffering with migraines have to miss many days of work or school and take very powerful medication that makes them feel terrible.

There are natural ways to address migraines and other types of headaches.

At Lotus Wellness Center we combine hypnosis and meditation with chiropractic and massage therapy in order to help the body heal and overcome the pain and suffering of a migraine. Realigning the spine and massaging extremely tight muscles around the neck and head can have a very positive affect at stopping future migraines.

Ergonomics can have a very important role in triggering migraines since people are usually at work for at least 8 hours and if those hours are spent in a compromised posture then a migraine is a common result. Addressing this cause is usually simple and can be done by bringing a picture of your workplace for 2 or 3 angles with you to your visit. A doctor will then suggest changes that will make working less stressful and will thus decrease the physical damage done to the spine and thus eliminate the migraines.

Learning and practicing somatic meditation could help put one in a relaxed state which will in turn reduces strain of the neck muscles that are involved in creating the headache in the first place. Hypnotherapy is helpful in addressing underlying issues/ stressors that may be deeply rooted and lead the body to express in physical form via migraines. In addition evaluation of diet is sometimes necessary in order to rule out triggering foods and food allergies.

There are supplements that are safe and effective at reducing the intensity and frequency of migraines. We can help determine which supplements will help and put together a safe and effective treatment plan for successful migraine elimination.

Learning to manage both physical and emotional stress can decrease the intensity and frequency of migraines substantially. We are happy to do an evaluation and put together a custom plan to help you with your migraines today.

At Lotus Wellness Center we can provide the treatment you need, contact us for a consultation with a specialist in Migraine Care Palatine, IL patients trust.

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