Focus Stress Reduction

Stress reduction and Focus

Stress is a large part of everyday life however how we handle and react to stress is the key to reducing the negative effects that chronic stress can have on our minds and bodies.

When somebody has a stressful event take place it is normal to have a response that is referred to as a sympathetic dominant state. This is similar to when someone sees a coyote while walking their dog. However the state should not last for more than a day or two. When people have multiple stressors and no way to process the stress they end up going into a chronic or prolonged sympathetic state which has emotional, chemical and physical repercussions. As a result, relationships can be strained with friends and family which can lead to depression in mood. In addition to that the hormone cortisol is constantly released into the bloodstream which can lead to a sluggish metabolism, weight gain and unnecessary stress on the endocrine system. This in turn can cause future problems with bodily organs and consequently lead to disease.

All of these effects will cause difficulty in concentration and those will lead to a decrease in work or school productivity.

At Lotus Wellness Center we strive to help our patients learn to control these feelings of stress and even though the stressors of life cannot be removed completely we can eradicate our inappropriate external and internal response to the stressors. Our therapists utilize methods such as hypnotherapy and meditation, nutritional support, essential oil aromatherapy, energy and body work to help people come out of the chronic stress state and transition into a more healthy and thriving being. These treatments take effect very quickly especially if used in concert and when following a specific treatment plan that we always work with our clients to create. When given proper time and effort people will begin to see an alternate way to live in a stressful world in a way that doesn’t continuously worsen their health but instead becoming centered and calm and solving problems as they present themselves.

A 4-week Hypnotherapy program to address triggering events, underlying emotions that feed the stress reactions, and devise a practical plan that works. A specialist in stress reduction Platine, IL residents recommend, can help you identify the treatment that is right for you.

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