counseling in Palatine, ILOur therapist from Lotus Wellness Center has seen the way that counseling in Palatine, IL has helped people struggling with their emotions. In particular, anger is an intense feeling of displeasure, and may be a reaction to unfairness, a failure, or stress. Depending on the person and situation, the anger may be mild or turn into a full-blown rage. While it is normal for people to experience anger (we are just humans after all), there are times when anger is not appropriate. When managed correctly, anger can be an influential ally to being a healthy person. 

Unfortunately, when not managed well, anger can cause problems in a person’s relationship, career, and wellness. Anger has risks too, more than other kinds of emotions, as it can lead people to do things they regret after. Those with extreme and lasting anger may find themselves dealing with serious health issues. People with extreme anger may find it useful to explore causes with an empathetic therapist.

What causes anger?

The root causes of anger can vary based on the person and how he or she grew up. External factors including humiliation, profound loss, bullying, failure, or frustration can turn into anger. And anger is not always an immediate reaction to a situation. Sometimes, a situation will remind that person of a past experience subconsciously, where they displace the anger into the present moment. 

What are patterns an angry person may have?

Anger often has less to do with a certain event, and more with how that person chooses to respond to it. Of course, there are instances when anger is warranted and understandable, but there are negative thought patterns that can precede a sudden outburst of anger, such as:

    • Overgeneralizing: someone may get caught up in thinking in terms of black and white. They may use terms such as “always” or “never”, and make the situation appear worse than it is. 
    • Blaming: when someone constantly blames others for something that goes wrong, often in an attempt to avoid shame or responsibility. 
  • Mind-Reading: a person may convince themselves that someone else has intentionally disrespected or purposefully hurt them. This person may exhibit a lower tolerance for feeling frustration. 
  • Collecting straws: someone tallies things as a way to justify their anger, letting small incidents build up in their mind until they have reached the last straw, where anger boils over and others may view it as overreaction. 
  • Rigidity: when an individual is unable to reconcile with what they think should happen, and what has actually happened.

There is no shame in getting support for anger that interferes with your life. Consider contacting Lotus Wellness Center today to learn more about counseling in Palatine, Illinois.