At Home Chiropractor in Lake Zurich, IL  At Home Chiropractor Lake Zurich, IL

When going to a chiropractor’s office isn’t an option there is always an at home chiropractor in Lake Zurich, IL. While it is a little different than going to the office, there are still some things that need to remain the same. One of those things is the clothing you wear to see a chiropractor. If you’ve never been then you may not know what to wear and what to avoid. 

For first-time patients, this is often one of the first questions that are asked. While there are some tips below you should know that the number one rule is you should be feeling comfortable and relaxed. Being tense isn’t going to help your adjustment and could actually make it worse. 

What Do I Wear for an Appointment? 

While each chiropractor is going to differ from person to person there are some clothing rules that apply no matter where you are located. 

You Don’t Need to Get Undressed 

Before we get to what you should wear there is one thing to address. Many people ask they can stay dressed before an adjustment and the answer is yes. You don’t have to remove any clothing as long what you are wearing isn’t impending your adjustment. For those who wear bras, this means as long as you are comfortable you don’t have to worry about taking it off. 

Thin Stretchy Fabrics Work Best 

When you are getting an adjustment the thin stretchy fabric that is most athletic wear works best. For the initial visit, your chiropractor will need to feel out any problem areas in order to determine the best action plan for you and your body. The most important part is that these clothing items aren’t restrictive. If you want to wear an oversized shirt then that is fine. Just as long as you can move. This means jeans are not the best when seeing a chiropractor. 

Avoid Jewelry 

Bracelets, necklaces, watches, belts, hats, and even rings are best to be avoided when seeing a chiropractor. Since you are going to be moving around on the table these items can get tangled pretty easily. Depending on the jewelry they can also cut you or the chiropractor if hit just right on accident. You should also avoid dangly earrings as those can get snagged on the table and that can be painful to you. Aside from that sometimes you may need an x-ray. You can’t have any metal on you when getting an x-ray so it is best to take all jewelry off before you see your chiropractor. It can save you from a painful snag and can help your chiropractor do their job easier. 

If you are considering a chiropractor, the team at Lotus Wellness Center is ready to take any questions you may have. Finding an at home chiropractor in Lake Zurich, IL doesn’t have to be difficult as our staff is ready and willing to answer your calls.